An Introduction

rassilon -

Hi, I'm Rory. Although, honestly, maybe I should say we're Rory. It's complicated. I'm the host of a 21 year old traumagenic DID system, but I'm also a big subsystem, including many fictives and fictish alters/fableings. We could be described as either an OSDD-1a subsystem, or dysfunctional median. There are a lot of us, so we decided to just make one big blog.

Here's the list of Us (tm):

Rory, they/them, host of the system overall, a big emerald dragon, 326 years old inside

Lulu, she/her, fableing of Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones. Very extroverted, huge lesbian, used to be a cheerleader (well, actually, the whole body did, but she was the one doing it..)

Gabrielle, she/her, the one who organizes everything. A nerd.

Clarke, they/them, recent split (maybe), also organizes and is into leadership/debate type stuff, fictive of Clarke Griffin from The 100

Aaron, he/him, more separated from the rest of the subsystem and the gatekeeper of it

Aric, he/him, also more separated, grumpy and Russian and touch-averse, fictive of Aric/Death from The Arcana Chronicles

Malach, he/him or they/them, one of the two littles in the collective, fableing of Chara from Undertale

Jamesie, he/him, the other little, a bratty toddler

Justice, he/him, basically the angry one/edgelord, not a fictive but has three very important kintypes: a non-canon Justice Lord, Kylo Ren and Voldemort.

Gaia, she/her, very Earth-y and plant lover-y, fictive of a character from a book a former friend wrote called Latona's Paradise

Polly, she/her, honestly really sexual and kind of a dark person, fictive of Dark!Betty from Riverdale (yes, we know it's edgy)

Gene, he/him, angsty and has a lot of BPD traits, super gay, fictive of Gene from A Separate Peace

Brandon, he/him, also angsty but not gay, the straightest of us all probably, fictive of Brandon from The Fosters

Dominic, he/him, fire wizard, also a dragon shapeshifter, doesn't front a lot but is pretty cool, fictive of Dominic Hunter from The Crown & The Flame

Belle, she/her, more traumatized and naive than the rest of the adults in our system, fictive of Belle from Once Upon a Time.

Congratulations on reading this far, lol. Aside from who we are independently of each other, we're frequently an autistic blob of nerds who pretend to be one person who hosts a DID system. Polyfragmentation is fun, yay! We're all really into Harry Potter, witchcraft, activism, and psychology/biology. A lot of us are pretty damn critical of our sources (especially Riverdale and Game of Thrones) so please don't assume that just because we're fictives/fableings from those sources, that we actually approve of the sources.

elizabeth-vane -

You are vaild, dont let anybody tell you otherwise. If you need help from a fellow witch im @florryflower on tumblr


Welcome to my blog! This is where I will start posting stuff about my magick that doesnt go on my more proffesional blog. I hope I can provide as much information and support for all you you.

I love you ALL!

With Love and Ambition,